WFRP - Karak Azgal

Adventuring in Altdorf

An Old Friend

On the way to an inn as the adventurers wander the streets of Altdorf, they run into an old boatman friend of Maglyn Bruchert, the party’s Bounty Hunter. “Bruchert! What a surprise! It’s me, Josef!” Looking in the direction of the cry, the PCs see a tall, burly fellow with a huge beard striding towards them. This is Josef Quartjin, an itinerant Boatman of the Reik. Josef has been travelling up and down the Reik for the past 20 years. He is overjoyed at meeting his old friend and suggests that they immediately adjourn to an inn to down a bottle of wine or two. If anyone queries that this may not be very much between so many, he will wink and say, “A bottle or two each, of course.” Josef slips his arm into that of his friend and leads the way down to the riverside. He is very pleased to meet the friends of his friend and is eager to hear any news that the adventurers have. Josef leads the adventurers down to the river. There are all manner of vessels tied up along the riverside, from high-masted sail boats to smaller barges and houseboats. The Boatman Inn is just one of many establishments along the embankment. It appears to be a cheerful place; a little tatty, but inviting. Inside the inn are a number of river folk. These are mostly boatmen but there are a few sailors as well. The atmosphere is cordial and friendly, and the food and drink is reasonably priced and of good quality. Josef orders as many bottles of wine as there are characters (he is clearly in a mood for celebration) and leads them all to a table to enjoy it. No one takes very much interest in the characters and the early evening should pass amiably. Josef will tell the PCs that he is looking for some hands for a journey to Bögenhafen, where he hopes to sell some Reikland wine at the local fair and livestock market, known as the Schaffenfest. Josef has a handbill advertising the fair with him (See Handout #6).
[[File:489570 | class=media-item-align-none | 3484×4810px | TEW_-_Handout__6.jpg]]
Josef will pay 10/- per day for four characters and is willing to transport the others free of charge. Josef is keen to leave the next day and will offer to put the characters up on his boat for the night and then head out along the Weissbruck canal in the morning. Eventually the door flies open and a tall, gaunt character with aquiline features and a deep scar along his left cheek saunters into the room. Everyone in the inn turns to stare at him, and he greets them with a sneer. As the newcomer walks across to the bar, the dim lights of the inn shine dully on his black leather clothing. Patrons are seen to flinch visibly as he passes their tables. The man in black demands a bottle of brandy from the landlord and throws a handful of gold coins onto the bar. He then walks over to a table in the corner of the room, whose occupants rapidly vacate it. The new arrival then sits down and drinks. Leaving the inn, Josef leads the adventurers to his barge. Along the way, the PCs become aware that they are being followed. Any character with the Sixth Sense skill will notice this first; other characters will later clearly hear the sound of footsteps behind them. Maglyn cuts down an alleyway while the rest of the party continues on to Josef’s barge. In the dark, Maglyn can just barely see enough to tell that two figures are suddenly cut down – a crossbow bolt slams into the back of one, and as the other turns, another bolt thuds into his throat, both shots seemingly coming from out of nowhere. The two unknown victims die instantly, and a quick search by Maglyn reveals 2 daggers, 10 GC 18/-, and no identification.



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