WFRP - Karak Azgal

Arriving in Altdorf

Welcome to Altdorf, Herr Lieberung

Altdorf is the capital of The Empire, and its richest city. From the outskirts, the Imperial Palace can be seen rising above the river Reik and dominating the city. All year round Altdorf acts as the playground of the nobility. Many young nobles travel from their parents’ estates to the city, where they spend their time drinking and flaunting their wealth in the streets. Many are supposed to be studying at the University but few attend lectures – much to the relief, it must be said, of the professors, who are able to concentrate on their more serious students or, in the case of a lucky few, dedicate themselves to research or simply to living on their ample incomes. Being a large city, all manner of services can be found in Altdorf, and nearly all goods are available here – for a price. Just after it gets dark, the coach pulls into the Konigplatz (King’s Square) which overlooks the river.
A number of agents from various inns converge on the coach, offering the passengers accommodation at the best inns in town at very reasonable prices. It is a time and place for meeting friends, both old and new. Stepping off the coach, the characters are greeted by cries of ’’Angelino’s, best inn in town!" and “Stay at the Cat and Fiddle – the finest foods and the best beds!” The agents trying to take a character’s luggage and leading him or her in the general direction of the agent’s inn accompany the cries. Arguments break out between the agents as they rush to drag the PCs to their particular inns.
In the confusion of the square, the characters will be aware of two men approaching them. They appear to be normal Altdorfers, but they act in a strange manner. While one watches the crowd, the other scratches his left ear with the little finger of his right hand. As he does so, he stares straight at the party’s Marine, Leopold! Of course, Leopold has no idea what is going on, but being a fairly bright lad, does his best to improvise an appropriate answering ‘signal’. This is repeated a number of times, each more pronounced than the last. The scratching routine becomes more and more exaggerated, and the two men looking more perturbed as the PCs fail to respond appropriately. When spoken to, they look confused and do not answer back; something is obviously wrong – maybe they have met the wrong person? After a while, the cultists’ expressions suddenly change to ones of relief, and they hurry over to where a stocky man stands near a doorway to a house. They follow him through the door which is quickly shut behind them.



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