WFRP - Karak Azgal

Blood on the track

Howls on the wind, & the mayhem mystery tour

A couple of hours after the coach has been traveling on the main road, the road bends and the party encounters a figure with rotting flesh standing over the body of a Four Seasons coachman in the middle of the road. As it hears the coach approaching, it turns around and a severed human hand can be seen hanging out of it’s mouth! The Bounty Hunter recognizes this poor creature as an old acquaintance, Rolf Hurtsis. (See Handout #2)
[[File:489588 | class=media-item-align-none | TEW_-_Handout__2.png]]
Rolf promptly spits the hand out and charges the coach wielding a bloody dagger. The coach is halted and Rolf is dealt with in short order.The body of the coachman is seen to have a crossbow bolt through the neck, and still wears a sleeved mail shirt. At this point, a bestial cry is heard from around the bend, and crashing sounds can be heard coming from the undergrowth to the side of the road. Coming warily around the bend in the road, the party is greeted by a grisly sight. (See Map #2)
[[File:489584 | class=media-item-align-none | TEW_-_Map__2.jpg]]An over-turned coach lies in the road, with two of it’s horses struggling free of their harness as a creature with a large body and an incredibly small head hacks maniacally at them with an axe. Lying screaming by the over-turned coach is a human with a dog-like head, blood pumping from a wounded leg, while another human with a pointed head tries to bandage it. Another human, with cloven hooves for feet, is feasting on the body of a small child. Searching through the corpses on the ground around the coach is a human with scaly skin holding a loaded crossbow. A prolonged combat ensues, with the Tomb Robber guiding the party’s coach out of harm’s way.
With only a few minor wounds, the party is victorious. Searching through the scene of battle, the party finds the bodies of a second Four Seasons coachman, a young child and his parents (both artisans), an Initiate of Sigmar, and a laborer. The second coachman still wears his sleeved mail shirt, and his blunderbuss and shot lie next to his body. All told the party finds the following:
2 sleeved mail shirts
Blunderbuss & shot
1 Axe
1 Spear
3 Swords
1 Crossbow
43 Gold Crowns
1 Ring, valued at 40 Gold Crowns
1 Silver Locket valued at 8 Gold Crowns
The party also notices a pair of feet sticking out from the bushes to the side of the road. This is uncovered and another body can be seen lying face down, with two crossbow bolts in it’s back, and it’s clothing seems to be that of a town dweller, possibly also an artisan. Turning the body over, the party is shocked to see that the corpse looks exactly like the Marine, Leopold! Protruding from his jacket pocket the party finds a blood-stained piece of parchment. (Handout 3) In an inside pocket is found another, unstained letter. (Handout 4)



I believe this is where we left off last session…and I hope the handout is legible!

Blood on the track

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