WFRP - Karak Azgal

Character Summary

Who does what best

As things stand at the outset of the campaign, the party’s stout dwarven noble has the best chance to hit in melee combat, but the human marine has the potential for landing more blows. While the dwarf’s dependable halfling valet technically has the best ranged combat capability, the human Bounty Hunter is equally skilled in ranged combat. The Tomb Robber is the most agile of the group, while the Initiate of Morr is easily the most intelligent. The party’s four humans are otherwise about average in characteristic scores. The dwarf noble appears to be the most skilled and talented of the group. Interestingly, the entire party is literate with the exception of the Marine and the Bounty Hunter.

We begin with the adventurers trying to find a coach to take them to Altdorf, the capital of the Empire. The characters each have a copy of a flyer advertising for adventurers to enlist in an expedition funded by Prince von Tasseninck.

A coaching inn can be seen in the distance, but the party has not yet reached it. If they continue on the road at their present pace, they can expect to arrive early in the evening. The characters have never met before, so this is a good opportunity for them to introduce themselves to each other…



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