WFRP - Karak Azgal

The Inn of the Seven Spokes

Altdorf Ahead

After the adventurers inspect the scene of the ambush, they notice a group of horseman riding from the direction of Altdorf. This is a group of 5 Roadwardens who demand to know what is going on whilst looking over the scene very suspiciously. The party manages a polite explanation about the mutants, and the Roadwardens cause them no trouble. The Roadwardens then accompany the coach in which the party is riding to the next staging inn. Before leaving, the Roadwardens pile the bodies into the coach, hitch some of their horses up to it and drive off towards the next inn. The remainder of the journey passes without mishap. The party’s coach passes a couple of other coaches bound for Nuln and a detachment of Imperial Guard cavalry. As darkness sets in, the coach reaches the next coaching inn before Altdorf.
The Inn of the Seven Spokes is of a similar design to the Coach and Horses. It is fairly crowded as presently there are three coaches staying overnight here. The coachmen, Gunnar and Hultz, drink heavily as before, and the noblewoman, her servant and bodyguard leave the coach and book seats on a Four Seasons Coach, which departs for the capital in the morning. The remainder of the journey to Altdorf is uneventful.



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