WFRP - Karak Azgal

The Journey to Weissbruck

Good Morning, travelers!

The trip to Bögenhafen involves travelling along the Weissbruck Canal and then along the River Bögen to the town. Josef steers the barge towards the great lock at the entrance of the canal. Here the toll (5GC) is paid and the barge floats up the lock to the canal itself. The canal was built in 2462 to carry coal and iron from the mines at Delfgruber. It is 25 feet wide and has frequent berthing places along its entire length. It is owned by the Gruber family of Weissbruck who charge a toll for its use, which is collected either at Altdorf or Weissbruck. There are no further toll points along the canal itself. During the first morning out of Altdorf, the adventurers see a group of Road-Wardens following them along the tow-path from Altdorf. The patrol heads straight for the barge and trots alongside it. The leader of the patrol is in a good mood and chats with anyone on deck for a while, informing them that there may be bandits in the area and that a young noble and two artisans were killed last night in the city, down by the river. The patrol does not suspect the PCs and after a short while continues along its way towards the lock house up ahead. The voyage along the canal takes almost 3 days and is fairly quiet and uneventful. At night the barge ties up near to one of the lock-side inns, and the characters can relax, safe from any pursuit or other problems.
[[File:489573 | class=media-item-align-none | TEW_-_Weissbruck_Map__6.jpg]]
Weissbruck is a growing village of 272 inhabitants,which is owned and ruled by the Gruber family. It began as a village, but with the opening of the nearby mines and the construction of the canal it has expanded rapidly. It is now a bustling stopping point on the route to or from Bögenhafen. Warehouses line the canal and riverbanks, in which is stored coal and iron ore from the nearby mines, wool and wine from Bögenhafen, and all manner of goods from Altdorf. Entrance to Weissbruck is via the lock and tollhouse. Since Josef has already paid the toll at Altdorf, the barge is simply waved through the lock by the Lock Keepers. There are a number of other barges tied alongside the wharf and shipping can be seen on the River Bögen. Numerous inns look out onto the river and canal. It is early evening by the time the adventurers arrive.



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