WFRP - Karak Azgal

The Journey to Weissbruck
Good Morning, travelers!

The trip to Bögenhafen involves travelling along the Weissbruck Canal and then along the River Bögen to the town. Josef steers the barge towards the great lock at the entrance of the canal. Here the toll (5GC) is paid and the barge floats up the lock to the canal itself. The canal was built in 2462 to carry coal and iron from the mines at Delfgruber. It is 25 feet wide and has frequent berthing places along its entire length. It is owned by the Gruber family of Weissbruck who charge a toll for its use, which is collected either at Altdorf or Weissbruck. There are no further toll points along the canal itself. During the first morning out of Altdorf, the adventurers see a group of Road-Wardens following them along the tow-path from Altdorf. The patrol heads straight for the barge and trots alongside it. The leader of the patrol is in a good mood and chats with anyone on deck for a while, informing them that there may be bandits in the area and that a young noble and two artisans were killed last night in the city, down by the river. The patrol does not suspect the PCs and after a short while continues along its way towards the lock house up ahead. The voyage along the canal takes almost 3 days and is fairly quiet and uneventful. At night the barge ties up near to one of the lock-side inns, and the characters can relax, safe from any pursuit or other problems.
[[File:489573 | class=media-item-align-none | TEW_-_Weissbruck_Map__6.jpg]]
Weissbruck is a growing village of 272 inhabitants,which is owned and ruled by the Gruber family. It began as a village, but with the opening of the nearby mines and the construction of the canal it has expanded rapidly. It is now a bustling stopping point on the route to or from Bögenhafen. Warehouses line the canal and riverbanks, in which is stored coal and iron ore from the nearby mines, wool and wine from Bögenhafen, and all manner of goods from Altdorf. Entrance to Weissbruck is via the lock and tollhouse. Since Josef has already paid the toll at Altdorf, the barge is simply waved through the lock by the Lock Keepers. There are a number of other barges tied alongside the wharf and shipping can be seen on the River Bögen. Numerous inns look out onto the river and canal. It is early evening by the time the adventurers arrive.

Adventuring in Altdorf
An Old Friend

On the way to an inn as the adventurers wander the streets of Altdorf, they run into an old boatman friend of Maglyn Bruchert, the party’s Bounty Hunter. “Bruchert! What a surprise! It’s me, Josef!” Looking in the direction of the cry, the PCs see a tall, burly fellow with a huge beard striding towards them. This is Josef Quartjin, an itinerant Boatman of the Reik. Josef has been travelling up and down the Reik for the past 20 years. He is overjoyed at meeting his old friend and suggests that they immediately adjourn to an inn to down a bottle of wine or two. If anyone queries that this may not be very much between so many, he will wink and say, “A bottle or two each, of course.” Josef slips his arm into that of his friend and leads the way down to the riverside. He is very pleased to meet the friends of his friend and is eager to hear any news that the adventurers have. Josef leads the adventurers down to the river. There are all manner of vessels tied up along the riverside, from high-masted sail boats to smaller barges and houseboats. The Boatman Inn is just one of many establishments along the embankment. It appears to be a cheerful place; a little tatty, but inviting. Inside the inn are a number of river folk. These are mostly boatmen but there are a few sailors as well. The atmosphere is cordial and friendly, and the food and drink is reasonably priced and of good quality. Josef orders as many bottles of wine as there are characters (he is clearly in a mood for celebration) and leads them all to a table to enjoy it. No one takes very much interest in the characters and the early evening should pass amiably. Josef will tell the PCs that he is looking for some hands for a journey to Bögenhafen, where he hopes to sell some Reikland wine at the local fair and livestock market, known as the Schaffenfest. Josef has a handbill advertising the fair with him (See Handout #6).
[[File:489570 | class=media-item-align-none | 3484×4810px | TEW_-_Handout__6.jpg]]
Josef will pay 10/- per day for four characters and is willing to transport the others free of charge. Josef is keen to leave the next day and will offer to put the characters up on his boat for the night and then head out along the Weissbruck canal in the morning. Eventually the door flies open and a tall, gaunt character with aquiline features and a deep scar along his left cheek saunters into the room. Everyone in the inn turns to stare at him, and he greets them with a sneer. As the newcomer walks across to the bar, the dim lights of the inn shine dully on his black leather clothing. Patrons are seen to flinch visibly as he passes their tables. The man in black demands a bottle of brandy from the landlord and throws a handful of gold coins onto the bar. He then walks over to a table in the corner of the room, whose occupants rapidly vacate it. The new arrival then sits down and drinks. Leaving the inn, Josef leads the adventurers to his barge. Along the way, the PCs become aware that they are being followed. Any character with the Sixth Sense skill will notice this first; other characters will later clearly hear the sound of footsteps behind them. Maglyn cuts down an alleyway while the rest of the party continues on to Josef’s barge. In the dark, Maglyn can just barely see enough to tell that two figures are suddenly cut down – a crossbow bolt slams into the back of one, and as the other turns, another bolt thuds into his throat, both shots seemingly coming from out of nowhere. The two unknown victims die instantly, and a quick search by Maglyn reveals 2 daggers, 10 GC 18/-, and no identification.

Arriving in Altdorf
Welcome to Altdorf, Herr Lieberung

Altdorf is the capital of The Empire, and its richest city. From the outskirts, the Imperial Palace can be seen rising above the river Reik and dominating the city. All year round Altdorf acts as the playground of the nobility. Many young nobles travel from their parents’ estates to the city, where they spend their time drinking and flaunting their wealth in the streets. Many are supposed to be studying at the University but few attend lectures – much to the relief, it must be said, of the professors, who are able to concentrate on their more serious students or, in the case of a lucky few, dedicate themselves to research or simply to living on their ample incomes. Being a large city, all manner of services can be found in Altdorf, and nearly all goods are available here – for a price. Just after it gets dark, the coach pulls into the Konigplatz (King’s Square) which overlooks the river.
A number of agents from various inns converge on the coach, offering the passengers accommodation at the best inns in town at very reasonable prices. It is a time and place for meeting friends, both old and new. Stepping off the coach, the characters are greeted by cries of ’’Angelino’s, best inn in town!" and “Stay at the Cat and Fiddle – the finest foods and the best beds!” The agents trying to take a character’s luggage and leading him or her in the general direction of the agent’s inn accompany the cries. Arguments break out between the agents as they rush to drag the PCs to their particular inns.
In the confusion of the square, the characters will be aware of two men approaching them. They appear to be normal Altdorfers, but they act in a strange manner. While one watches the crowd, the other scratches his left ear with the little finger of his right hand. As he does so, he stares straight at the party’s Marine, Leopold! Of course, Leopold has no idea what is going on, but being a fairly bright lad, does his best to improvise an appropriate answering ‘signal’. This is repeated a number of times, each more pronounced than the last. The scratching routine becomes more and more exaggerated, and the two men looking more perturbed as the PCs fail to respond appropriately. When spoken to, they look confused and do not answer back; something is obviously wrong – maybe they have met the wrong person? After a while, the cultists’ expressions suddenly change to ones of relief, and they hurry over to where a stocky man stands near a doorway to a house. They follow him through the door which is quickly shut behind them.

The Inn of the Seven Spokes
Altdorf Ahead

After the adventurers inspect the scene of the ambush, they notice a group of horseman riding from the direction of Altdorf. This is a group of 5 Roadwardens who demand to know what is going on whilst looking over the scene very suspiciously. The party manages a polite explanation about the mutants, and the Roadwardens cause them no trouble. The Roadwardens then accompany the coach in which the party is riding to the next staging inn. Before leaving, the Roadwardens pile the bodies into the coach, hitch some of their horses up to it and drive off towards the next inn. The remainder of the journey passes without mishap. The party’s coach passes a couple of other coaches bound for Nuln and a detachment of Imperial Guard cavalry. As darkness sets in, the coach reaches the next coaching inn before Altdorf.
The Inn of the Seven Spokes is of a similar design to the Coach and Horses. It is fairly crowded as presently there are three coaches staying overnight here. The coachmen, Gunnar and Hultz, drink heavily as before, and the noblewoman, her servant and bodyguard leave the coach and book seats on a Four Seasons Coach, which departs for the capital in the morning. The remainder of the journey to Altdorf is uneventful.

Blood on the track
Howls on the wind, & the mayhem mystery tour

A couple of hours after the coach has been traveling on the main road, the road bends and the party encounters a figure with rotting flesh standing over the body of a Four Seasons coachman in the middle of the road. As it hears the coach approaching, it turns around and a severed human hand can be seen hanging out of it’s mouth! The Bounty Hunter recognizes this poor creature as an old acquaintance, Rolf Hurtsis. (See Handout #2)
[[File:489588 | class=media-item-align-none | TEW_-_Handout__2.png]]
Rolf promptly spits the hand out and charges the coach wielding a bloody dagger. The coach is halted and Rolf is dealt with in short order.The body of the coachman is seen to have a crossbow bolt through the neck, and still wears a sleeved mail shirt. At this point, a bestial cry is heard from around the bend, and crashing sounds can be heard coming from the undergrowth to the side of the road. Coming warily around the bend in the road, the party is greeted by a grisly sight. (See Map #2)
[[File:489584 | class=media-item-align-none | TEW_-_Map__2.jpg]]An over-turned coach lies in the road, with two of it’s horses struggling free of their harness as a creature with a large body and an incredibly small head hacks maniacally at them with an axe. Lying screaming by the over-turned coach is a human with a dog-like head, blood pumping from a wounded leg, while another human with a pointed head tries to bandage it. Another human, with cloven hooves for feet, is feasting on the body of a small child. Searching through the corpses on the ground around the coach is a human with scaly skin holding a loaded crossbow. A prolonged combat ensues, with the Tomb Robber guiding the party’s coach out of harm’s way.
With only a few minor wounds, the party is victorious. Searching through the scene of battle, the party finds the bodies of a second Four Seasons coachman, a young child and his parents (both artisans), an Initiate of Sigmar, and a laborer. The second coachman still wears his sleeved mail shirt, and his blunderbuss and shot lie next to his body. All told the party finds the following:
2 sleeved mail shirts
Blunderbuss & shot
1 Axe
1 Spear
3 Swords
1 Crossbow
43 Gold Crowns
1 Ring, valued at 40 Gold Crowns
1 Silver Locket valued at 8 Gold Crowns
The party also notices a pair of feet sticking out from the bushes to the side of the road. This is uncovered and another body can be seen lying face down, with two crossbow bolts in it’s back, and it’s clothing seems to be that of a town dweller, possibly also an artisan. Turning the body over, the party is shocked to see that the corpse looks exactly like the Marine, Leopold! Protruding from his jacket pocket the party finds a blood-stained piece of parchment. (Handout 3) In an inside pocket is found another, unstained letter. (Handout 4)


The adventure begins!
A stagecoach in the rain

The party arrives at the Coach and Horses Inn early in the evening of Festag, the 24th of Jahrdrung. As they approach the inn, a coach is just leaving through the gates. The coach belongs to the Four Seasons Company and heads North, away from the party. As they enter the courtyard, they find a bustle of activity. Two groomsmen are rubbing down a team of four horses. A coach belonging to Ratchett Lines, of Altdorf, is parked nearby. The fresh smell of horse manure mixes with the smell of cooking from the inn, and the sound sod merry laughter can be heard. Stepping through the door of the inn, the party is greeted by the very talkative landlord, Gustav, who welcomes them. The interior of the inn is bright and cheerful, and is populated by the two coachmen of Ratchett Lines, who are laughing and drinking at one table, while a foppish-looking chap in a lace-trimmed shirt and embroidered jacket and breeches watches their arrival intently as he leans on the bar. Another table is occupied by three women; one finely-dressed young woman, one small and mousey-looking, and one tall and heavily-built, who take no notice of the party. Sitting at another table is a studious-looking young man with his nose in a book who also largely ignores the new arrivals. The party settles down at a table of their own to a warm meal and drink. In short order, the Bretonnian gambler, Phillipe Descartes, engages some of the party members in a game of chance. The Tomb Robber attempts to make the acquaintance of the ladies, buying them drinks and attempting to charm the pants off the tall, heavily-built bodyguard, to no avail. The student with the book also rebuffs the drink offered him, and the evening passes otherwise uneventfully. The next morning, problems arise when it is time to depart, as the party has booked passage on a coach that is already filled with 6 passengers. Not only that, but the two coachmen are very much hung over and in no good condition to drive. Arrangements are made for the party to ride on the outside of the coach and it eventually resumes it’s route North towards Altdorf. When it becomes apparent that the coachmen can only handle a pace no faster than walking, the Tomb Robber offers to drive, the coachmen promptly agree and curl up to sleep off the drink from the night before. After about an hour of this, disaster strikes as a wheel comes straight off the axle, sending the coach veering in the opposite direction! Repairs are soon underway with the aid of the party members, and the coach continues on it’s way again under the control of the coachmen. After about 20 minutes, it began to rain and soon turned into a bonafide downpour, which soaks all party members quite thoroughly. After a couple of hours, the rain lets up and after a bit the coach reaches the junction with the main Middenheim-to-Altdorf road, at which a milepost clearly states the distance to Altdorf as 45 miles. There is a coaching inn at the junction owned by the Four Seasons line, but the coach the party is on passes it and continues on it’s way to Altdorf.

Character Summary
Who does what best

As things stand at the outset of the campaign, the party’s stout dwarven noble has the best chance to hit in melee combat, but the human marine has the potential for landing more blows. While the dwarf’s dependable halfling valet technically has the best ranged combat capability, the human Bounty Hunter is equally skilled in ranged combat. The Tomb Robber is the most agile of the group, while the Initiate of Morr is easily the most intelligent. The party’s four humans are otherwise about average in characteristic scores. The dwarf noble appears to be the most skilled and talented of the group. Interestingly, the entire party is literate with the exception of the Marine and the Bounty Hunter.

We begin with the adventurers trying to find a coach to take them to Altdorf, the capital of the Empire. The characters each have a copy of a flyer advertising for adventurers to enlist in an expedition funded by Prince von Tasseninck.

A coaching inn can be seen in the distance, but the party has not yet reached it. If they continue on the road at their present pace, they can expect to arrive early in the evening. The characters have never met before, so this is a good opportunity for them to introduce themselves to each other…

Character creation session
Two Humans, A Dwarf, and a Halfling

Everyone came up with workable characters. Mike’s dwarf noble and Jerry’s human marine appear to be complete and ready to begin play.

There are a couple of things to note:

Rah still needs to roll for starting Wounds and Fate Points, and still needs to take her one free profile advance for her halfling valet.

Alysen still needs to take her one free profile advance for her human bounty-hunter.

The party has a noticeable lack of magic and religion. This will be interesting…

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