“There issa nothing lika da siege for da true spirit of war! When I sit inna the camp, watching the enginesa shooting de great big rocks at the walls, and smashing de place up, itta warmsa my heart. You canna keppa your battls and all that noisy cavalry boom-boom stuff. Give me a ballista and plenty of distance, and I show you howa a real manna fights!”

—Marmalodi, Mercenary of the factious nations of Tilea

Tilea is the region of the Old World south of the Irrana Mountains and the region of Mountains called the Vaults. The fractious city-states of Tilea embrace trade, exploration and civil war with equal passion. Some are Republics, such as the Republic of Remas, while others are principalities such as Remnas. Tilea is also home to the majority of the mercenaries of many races, men being the most common, but also Dwarves and Ogres fight in the armies of the Merchant Princes. There are many Dogs of War (Mercenary) companies forming the bulk of armies in these lands, often fighting on behalf of the wealthy rulers of the many republics and principalities, or further north in the service of the Empire. Tilean wines always fetch a high price in the markets of the Old World.

The land that was once called Tilea, was eariler conquered and colonized by the High Evles during the reign of Pheonix King Bal-shannar. This is evident due in part to the many lost elven ruins and cities that once were gleaming cathedral of the lands. However ever since the War of the Beard, the Elves had no choice but to leave the land and return to the isle of Ulthuan. Many millenium later, a large confederation of humans, marched their way through Black Fire Pass, and established many villages in the lands of the Old World, from Estaila, and Tilea, to as far north as the lands of Norsca and the Empire.


Tilea is a far warmer and sunnier climate than the lands of the Empire or Bretonnia. Indeed, due to the high temperature many lands in the southermost regions can be quite arid in high summer. Other then regions inland, those lands near the coastal plains are naturally green and fertile and as a result, easily cultivated. This is indeed a very rich and abundant land for both farmers ad nobles to live in. The sea’s are also full of fish and the foothills of the mountain are covered in open woodlands which is excellent hunting country for the nobility. The Tileans are known well for their eating and drinking, and there is a very tremendous rivalry between the Bretonnians and Tileans as to which of them knows most about good food!

The Apuccini Mountains are a range of rugged and bare elevation with sparse vegetations along its slopes, but it is still not as cold or snowbound as the higher mountain futher north. The Abasko Mountains are much the same, but the Irrana Mountains, being part of the Vaults, are much colder and more treacherous then the rest of the mountain ranges. The Blighted Marshes are exactly as their name suggests: a vast expanse of bleak and dangerous stagnations located at the northern region of Tilea. With little to no resource or benefits to have in the marshes, barley any Tileans hardly ever venture into them and those who do, would recount cratures, that resemble rats, but stands upright! Indeed the marshes are the lands of the Skaven, and it’s capital city of Skavenblight is located near the ruins of a once proud city that rested in the depths of the marshes.

The Tilean sea is naturally warm and calm during most of the year. It is sometimes tempestous at occasion, but only treacherous around the rock islands of the coast of Tobaro, and in the Pirate’s Current. Apart from this, the sea is calm and easy sailing for small ships and sleek galleys. This has greatly benefited trade around the sea between the Tilean cities, but it has also made the coast vulnerable to pirates, Corsairs of Araby and raiders from as far away as Norsca and even Naggaroth.


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