WFRP - Karak Azgal

The adventure begins!

A stagecoach in the rain

The party arrives at the Coach and Horses Inn early in the evening of Festag, the 24th of Jahrdrung. As they approach the inn, a coach is just leaving through the gates. The coach belongs to the Four Seasons Company and heads North, away from the party. As they enter the courtyard, they find a bustle of activity. Two groomsmen are rubbing down a team of four horses. A coach belonging to Ratchett Lines, of Altdorf, is parked nearby. The fresh smell of horse manure mixes with the smell of cooking from the inn, and the sound sod merry laughter can be heard. Stepping through the door of the inn, the party is greeted by the very talkative landlord, Gustav, who welcomes them. The interior of the inn is bright and cheerful, and is populated by the two coachmen of Ratchett Lines, who are laughing and drinking at one table, while a foppish-looking chap in a lace-trimmed shirt and embroidered jacket and breeches watches their arrival intently as he leans on the bar. Another table is occupied by three women; one finely-dressed young woman, one small and mousey-looking, and one tall and heavily-built, who take no notice of the party. Sitting at another table is a studious-looking young man with his nose in a book who also largely ignores the new arrivals. The party settles down at a table of their own to a warm meal and drink. In short order, the Bretonnian gambler, Phillipe Descartes, engages some of the party members in a game of chance. The Tomb Robber attempts to make the acquaintance of the ladies, buying them drinks and attempting to charm the pants off the tall, heavily-built bodyguard, to no avail. The student with the book also rebuffs the drink offered him, and the evening passes otherwise uneventfully. The next morning, problems arise when it is time to depart, as the party has booked passage on a coach that is already filled with 6 passengers. Not only that, but the two coachmen are very much hung over and in no good condition to drive. Arrangements are made for the party to ride on the outside of the coach and it eventually resumes it’s route North towards Altdorf. When it becomes apparent that the coachmen can only handle a pace no faster than walking, the Tomb Robber offers to drive, the coachmen promptly agree and curl up to sleep off the drink from the night before. After about an hour of this, disaster strikes as a wheel comes straight off the axle, sending the coach veering in the opposite direction! Repairs are soon underway with the aid of the party members, and the coach continues on it’s way again under the control of the coachmen. After about 20 minutes, it began to rain and soon turned into a bonafide downpour, which soaks all party members quite thoroughly. After a couple of hours, the rain lets up and after a bit the coach reaches the junction with the main Middenheim-to-Altdorf road, at which a milepost clearly states the distance to Altdorf as 45 miles. There is a coaching inn at the junction owned by the Four Seasons line, but the coach the party is on passes it and continues on it’s way to Altdorf.



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